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Wellbutrin XL experience

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Описание: I talk about my experience while being on Wellbutrin XL.
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samrmonahan (5 days ago)
It puts me to sleep I could never sleep, and now I take it at night because it puts me to sleep. I absolutely love it
Pheonix Rising (9 days ago)
I took WB 150mg for one day for depression and it made me irritable and quick tempered. I could feel the difference quickly because it does reacts to your neo and dopamine receptors. I don't like it for me but thanks for your video, it's not for everyone. Btw, you are a sweetheart and I feel lazy too and I wonder if I just find life meaningless at this point. I have no incentives anymore and I wish I did so that I didn't feel like life was just passing me by.
Empire Aachen (12 days ago)
You so cute... how are you ? You still use WB ? Rg. from Germany
Heather Elzinga (1 month ago)
EffexorXR was a nightmare for me (zero libido, weight gain, withdrawal when stopping was the worst). Looking for an alternative and wondering if Wellbutrin is it. I’m a night thinker, too, so I’m a bit concerned, and I was hoping to lose weight.
alejandro fernandez (1 month ago)
got to remember what works for me may not work for you . i had test called genesight . had it done at the dr's office they swab the inside of your cheek and its send to a lab . the result explains what meds work best for you . we all have issues . some worst then others . but at least there is help ....wish every one the very best . stay strong people
Kelly Goodlad (1 month ago)
I came online to check for people who stopped and then had to re-start Wellbutrin. My experience has been that I am fine after I stop, but then maybe a month later, I realize I need it again. I become unmotivated, sluggish and scattered, more so than actually depressed, and this is how I know I need it again.
Gergely Horváth (1 month ago)
You're my new boyfriend!
James River (2 months ago)
Maan it wanted to make me fuck people up
Ducky Darkstar (2 months ago)
Its been two days so far . Its okay . I blasted out an hour and a half at the gym both days and ive been less aggressive and a bit euphoric and in a daze i think. No desire to make art but lots of ideas ive jotted down too tackle another day. Ive been obsessing about the U.S. going to war with China and sadness over the immigration crisis as a means of not obsessing about not being able too see my kids . Working out and making art helps me and keeps my body strong and my mind sharp. I wish you all the best
Rob Sadler (2 months ago)
How ya doin?
CyberArmy (3 months ago)
Wellbutrin messed my life up made me lazy screwed with my sex drive gave me racing thoughts at night I took it for 7 months 150mg and stopped last week cold turkey and my thoughts seem more clear my penis gets rock hard again I dont feel so cloudy all day I guess it works for some but for me was not pleasant and seemed to stop working around the 4 month mark
Joe Piscapo (1 month ago)
your a liar
RjD Bass (3 months ago)
You've experienced literally the exact opposite of what just about everyone else experiences on Wellbutrin. Seriously.
marrige101 (3 months ago)
Bro, you are one boring fuk to watch
Nathalie Dahan (4 days ago)
+samrmonahan lheard that wellbutrin lowest dose is75mlg
samrmonahan (5 days ago)
I really like him, it's like listening to a friend, your comment was unnecessary go somewhere else
Louisville Slugger (22 days ago)
marrige101 we are watching him but no one is watching marriage101
Joe Piscapo (1 month ago)
umm, u cant be serious
Steven Goldman (1 month ago)
+Vpe Grill🤣🤣🤣
A Bravo (4 months ago)
Berry nice
Marianne Marek (3 months ago)
A Bravo Lol!
Darin P (5 months ago)
Sounds like you just need a lifestyle change
Phoenix Rising (5 months ago)
I can relate to this so much, thanks for not making me feel like I’m alone here
That YouTubeChannel (5 months ago)
Ever heard of NeuroFeedback? I took that route instead of meds. Took a few months,but I am better . Although motivation is still lacking, I am not as down and depressed as I was. My moods were high sometimes,then low the others. Eventually the lows were more and more where I needed treatment one day. I might take my script for wellbutrin for the motivation .IDK yet.Watching your vid,who knows what it'll do to me.
Michael Leite (4 months ago)
That YouTubeChannel my son did it and it didn’t do anything once he stopped
FLY (6 months ago)
I have the nighttime racing thoughts also. Always negative, invasive thoughts, like a greatest hits collection of my worst mistakes. Sucks. Hope you’re doing well.
Felix Cat (6 days ago)
Every concern or worry I ever had I start obsessing about on webutrin. Today was the last dose. Im done.
Woo Woo (4 months ago)
Omg me too sucks so bad
Phoenix Rising (5 months ago)
Fromtull I will do that, thanks for your advice 🙏🏻
FLY (5 months ago)
Francesca Turus Thank you! New med is helping a lot but it can still be rough. Hope you are doing well also, but if not, remember to keep hold of your blessings amidst all the tossing and turning. It’ll help.
Phoenix Rising (5 months ago)
Fromtull I relate, it’s horrible. I hope you’re ok
tazztower44 (6 months ago)
ive been on paxil for about 3 months and they seemed to stop working for me somewhat..my dr. put me on "wellbutrin" as well as the paxil..just got the script filled today..hoping it makes a little difference....what you just explained in this clip is me ...what really scared me is the last few nights,as soon as i closed my eyes for sleep,id start hyper-ventilating something crazy and the last few days at work,ive had spells where i was in tears for minutes on end and just screaming with inner pain...almost had enough i think
Blake Bowden (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for being honest.
SuperNova (7 months ago)
wellbutrin xl 300 im on now and its fucking amazing, changed how my life has been. im always happy. iv givin it a month before really feeling it. its been over 2 months and its so good. and my sex drive is so good
TKO TK (7 months ago)
Wellbutrin works EXTREMELY well for me. It’s a god send. No joke I walk around most of the time just thinking about how much I love life, haha I’m totally serious. Not in a I’m high sort of way, it’s weird. It took away my anxiety, which is odd because it causes anxiety for some.
Empire Aachen (12 days ago)
Hi, you still use WB ? How you feel with it ? Rg. from Germany
Stevie Weevie (24 days ago)
+Heather Elzinga I've lost some weight since I have been on it. Insomnia not so much, my sleeping definitely improved. I don't wake up in the middle of the night like I used to. I take it in the morning and it has given much more energy through the day to actually get things done. I also take this with Lexapro. 50MG of Wellbutrin and 15MG of Lexapro.
Heather Elzinga (1 month ago)
Did you experience any weight loss? Insomnia? SSRIs and SNRIs have adverse effects for me, so I’m super curious about Wellbutrin since it’s in a different class.
Déjà Siku (2 months ago)
Hey Stevie! We are Wellbutrin twins! I started mine yesterday as well and am apprehensive but excited to see how it works out. I am on 150/day for the first 7 days, then 300/day after that. I hope you do well on yours. Please check back in on here as we take this journey together :) best regards to you.
Stevie Weevie (2 months ago)
I just took this medication 5 minutes ago! I’m so scared! I’m also on lexapro but I really hope it works well for me ! I mostly hear great things, especially when combined
henry lance (7 months ago)
Was is rough when you started it iam on Wellbutrin also ssri mess with my sex drive Wellbutrin doesn’t cause anything sexual side effects
Suerte13 (7 months ago)
henry lance It didnt mess with mine. That is in part why I was on it. I hope it does good for you
Victoria Richardson (7 months ago)
The way you described the symptoms is what I am experiencing right now, though I am not on any medication. At night my brain is super active and I have all of these racing thoughts. And during the day I am tired and feel too lazy to do anything. It is very tiring to me.
Ducky Darkstar (2 months ago)
I work out when i get like that . Just get a mental picture of yourself in good shape and focus on how much in shock all your haters and loved ones will be in once your in good shape. People in prison dont have a gym, or money or a trainer or friends or family or a good diet . They have people that want too kill them and rape them and rob them. Be happy for what you have my brother, get up and bust your ass and start with 5 burpees . Things can always be worse, they might get worse but then they get better. I have the same struggles so i give myself this same advice as harsh as it is - it helps me . One love brother
Woo Woo (4 months ago)
Me too I’m the laziest bum ever during the day if I stay up I get headaches.
Suerte13 (7 months ago)
Victoria Richardson My brain has worked like this since always but only recently its become a problem. Thank you for your comment.
KC Lake (7 months ago)
Issues with attention and procrastination... that's me aswell I wanted to try Wellbutrin but the doctor I saw hadn't even heard of it! I'm so glad to hear you're not feeling depressed now. Some of your other videos I watched you seemed to be tormented and struggling. I know how that feels. You seem more relaxed now :) I'm curious, did you make any changes with your job?
Nathalie Dahan (4 days ago)
+KC Lake i
KC Lake (7 months ago)
Better is good :) I hope you keep posting videos now and again to let us know how you're doing. Your motivation levels will probably improve too.. I struggle with that myself, it sucks :)
Suerte13 (7 months ago)
Hey KC, everything is still the same, I am still struggling with things but I am doing better in life and appreciating what I have. :D
KC Lake (7 months ago)
It's good to see you again... I'd wondered how you might be doing
pinkybananas1 (7 months ago)
wooo another vid

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