Requip Withdrawal Log - Day 14 - I don't want to thinkYouTube HD Trending Online requip
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Requip Withdrawal Log - Day 14 - I don't want to think

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Описание: Day 14 and what is described by Kay as her worst night so far. She was being bothered by vicious pins and needles all throughout her entire body. Add to that the worsening RLS symptoms and its a wonder she can even can continue on. Luckily Kay is a trooper!
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Jimmy G Lyall (3 years ago)
Hi Kay, today is my 1st night of taking this drug for RLS i'm kind of frightened of the things your saying about this tablet, Jimmy
Kim Waller (4 years ago)
Hi , was wondering is there any reason why you couldn't have been given a strong sleeping pill even if only to be taken every 3rd night or so.Thankyou for posting theses videos
kJorden Productions (3 years ago)
+Kim Waller  I do believe it would be dangerous to take sleeping pills.You would still have the leg movement anyway and it was hard enough to walk straight without the dr doesn't want any brain altering drugs during this time.... Thank you for asking!
Beverly Peck (4 years ago)
A sleeping pill would not relieve the symptoms of RLS. It would be dangerous to take one and have to be on your feet moving to try to reliever the RLS symptoms.

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