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Part Two - Restless Leg Syndrome | Restless Limb Syndrome | Malibu, CA (805) 557-9930

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hello hello (8 месяцев назад)
thanks doc.. i get about 3 hours sleep every night if im lucky.. RLS is awful... asked my doc for sleeping tablets but no.. the shocks in my leg or legs at times would shoot through my body even hit my head.. i would sell my soul if i could have 8 hours sleep.. outside this i suffer with heart disease and A.S. pains in my right leg, cramps, pain in shin bone or mussel and into my calf and ankle.. my doc is so slow in listening to me.... just wait for x ray wait for blood test etc etc...
Speedster2707 (4 месяца назад)
OMG. Get a new doctor. You need one of the treatments this doctor is describing.
85irocz28 (1 год назад)
U want to treat restless legs? I've tried it all what I found is 1 gatorade few hours before bed....then when going to bed drink a big glass of milk and sometimes 1 tylonal works better then anything u can imagine
ricardo arellano (2 года назад)
can some One help me i am taking pramipexole and gabapentine together for Resteles leg sindrome... 300mg gabapentine .5 mg pramipexole..is It ok to take this two together at night ? slap im having troubble getting a good night sleep for the last four weeks
maria julia martinez laboy (2 года назад)
traducir en español por favor
Hermes Liberty (2 года назад)
Thank you doctor. My sleep doctor (after an overnight lab test, consultation and blood test) prescribed ropinerol at a very low dose, plus some nutritional supplements (e.g. iron). I find it interesting that in the past when I lived in a country with 'candy store' pharmacies I self-prescribed *strong pain medication* (let's leave it at that...) at a very low dose, and previous to this clonazepam - both which I found useful, but with side effects, including tolerance and dependency. Thus far, I am happy with ropinerole, though I must discuss with my doctor the issue of augmentation, as I do not like to depend on any drug at any dose, nor experience any discomfort stopping a drug. And I observe that after some weeks ropinerole becomes less effective at the dose prescribed. However, after several months at a very low dose, I have not experienced any side effects from ropinerole except feeling tired before bed, a welcome relief for anxious insomnia btw. I highly recommend persons with RLS seek the medical advice of a board certified specialist, as I have done.

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