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Tripping Balls On Benadryl, Who Knew?

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Описание: Tripping on Benadryl is incredibly dangerous and I do not suggest it's use at all. Tripping Balls On Benadryl Blog Post How People Buy Drugs on The Dark Net Anonymously ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FREE MONEY APPS! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ROBIN HOOD INVESTING Get One Free Stock valued between 2.50 and 200 USD. IBOTTA. Sign Up to Get Discounts From Your Favorite Store 10 dollar Sign Up Bonus. UBER Get 10 Dollars Off Your First Uber Ride. STASH Investment app get 5 Dollars with Subscription. SWAGBUCKS Save Big Online Shopping ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* DAY TRADING, and CRYPTO THE MUST HAVE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TRADING VIEW My Favorite Charting Software. Set Up Alarms for Support Resistance lines and many Indicators. BINANCE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CRYPTO EXCHANGES **************** BLOG and SOCIAL NETWORKs **************** ********* Using Diphenhydramine for recreational purposes can be extremely dangerous, and everyone should use their own judgement before trying to use it. Many people have had adverse reactions to it especially when used with other narcotics. This chemical may put your mind and body in danger. I'm only sharing a story and not suggesting anyone try to repeat my experiment with it. Many have woken up out of diphenhydramine trips in the hospital, and some in the psyche ward. https://www.BeFree.Earth
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Text Comments (220)
I'm You, You're me (16 days ago)
Buddy and I did this about 7 or 8 years ago senior year of HS. My mind came in and out if reality for a bit until I was gone. I punch my lava lamp because it was hitting on my non-existent girlfriend - I was talking in complete psychos.. making no sense. I kept talking to my family in my head and then my dad appeared stoic in front of me. Went to tell him sorry with a hug and slammed my face in the wall. The last thing I remember was my body convulsing and seizing in ways I have *never* experienced if I attempted to move even slightly (ive had a seziure before, but it wasnt like this). I thought I was going to die, for sure.. so I laid back on the couch. Woke up alive and walked upstairs. My parents were in the kitchen as I poured myself a bowl full of dog food right in front of my Mom and Dad .. Who then asked what I was doing and I replied, "..eating?" Took a spoonful and started eating it. Brought it down the stairs and they followed me, which revealed a completely trashed basement (I had no recollection of trashing it. Half of my soap dispenser was hidden in the couch cushion.. soap everywhere. Love seat was flipped upside down. And wires/extension cords were scattered all around. My parents took my old friend home. My dad tried to make small talk because he couldn't tell if he was as be as I was. Dad: "So did you guys plays video games last night.. or?" "I didn't have the right pants on, and she said no because she didn't smoke!" And apparently he kept pointing to the cup holder asking to have one of the doughnuts. That wasnt my first time,... but after the violent, jerking convulsions with any amount of movement , I stopped.
The Free World (16 days ago)
Omg that sounds wild. I was always too afraid to jump full into it cause I always had people around and was always paranoid about what I might do. I feel like it's really interesting though, with the doseages I did I was hearing things that weren't there and somewhat seeing things but I'd snap out of it in seconds. It's insane how much of the mind is all perception.
gloomboi永眠 (2 months ago)
you can't throw up on diphenhydramine, it's an anti-enemic
Lil_Kuhn99 -Daniel Coon- (2 months ago)
Gladly your 33rd thumbs down. Learn how to trip then it will be enjoyable. Virgin
Spencer Hewlett (3 months ago)
words from a pussy!
Hey it’s Not Ali (4 months ago)
Damn I just end up hearing shit, not being able to walk, and seeing bugs everywhere but idk it’s fun but I would recommend a high sitter if it’s your first time . When I first tried it I took 200 mg then I upped it to 400 mg the next week and 600 mg the next if you really wanna get high just smoke pot this is one of the more “intense” drugs but my experience probably won’t be the same as someone else’s because everyone’s is different in some way. ( TRY TO AVOID ALCHOL ON BENADRYL YOU WILL BECOME HELLA DUMB FOR AT LEAST 5 HOURS DO NOT PLUS YOU WILL GET ONE HELL OF A HANGOVER)
yaritza (6 months ago)
I though I was gonna die when I accidentally got high on prescription Benadryl. Worst trip of my entire life
Logan Bels (7 months ago)
Lmfao dude thank God yr not in charge at all u just rambling bout bullshit
The Free World (7 months ago)
If you say so.
Jesse Morales (7 months ago)
i popped 10 at one’s and i was trippin balls i smoked weed before taking benadryl not the best idea and same i was seeing hallucinations and shadows too
Jomzii (6 months ago)
Weird how you started hallucination at only 10 pills, when really you don’t trip untill 300mg + (12 pills)
The Free World (7 months ago)
Yea the hallucinations get crazy wild! I hate the body load.
Yolo Swag (8 months ago)
Ur lips are hella red
The Free World (8 months ago)
Never noticed =D lol
TheGreatOnes (10 months ago)
And me I'll take one 50mg pill and feel all fucked up lmao.
john johnson (10 months ago)
I wonder if it has a difference on people weight or age. I took 500mg (20 -25mgpills) and it started off fine yk this was just last night actually and iv been cut off weed cause of probo. But it started off with visual waves real dry mouth and heavy as fuck. I didnt fall or couldnt walk i made myself do what i needed to, keep in mind im by myself in the dark with the tv on. So it started getting more weird hearing noises. Feeling things touching me crawling on me biting me sometimes id get odd shots of pain in random spots of my body as if i was being bite or stung. And numerous times i could see very vivid images of people with me talking to them then they gone in a split second. The worst part of this . Was i heard someone say my name soo i looked up the stairs(sleeping on couch on the bottom of stair well) and i see a head around the corner of the wall and its just staring at me. Bright pale skin and i could see right through its eyes like it was staring into me. And everything was in cut time and it started walking down the stares twords me and just dissapeared. Very weird but exciting trip. I cant id never do it again but by myself in the dark probably not
john johnson (10 months ago)
And add (say) at the end of that
john johnson (10 months ago)
Im 16 btw
LDS Believer (1 year ago)
lol when I was in a Benadryl phase of life I was like glued to the bedroom toilet for like half of the day. It was like I had to be sitting on top of water for some retarded reason. It was easy just to daydream when sitting on it and when I had to pee it was incredibly easier than having to get up to use the bathroom. I quit Benadryl for nearly two years now because I knew it wasn't going to be healthy. But I had some of the sexiest feeling sleeps in my bed on Benadryl. It's just not worth it health-wise.
Guitarmaster7272 (1 year ago)
DPH is interesting, but not something you wanna trip on. You're lookin for DXM, and that's the "only" thing you better have in it when "robotripping". High doses of DPH will have you feeling very tired and sick, but sick in a very dysphoric kinda way. Where you can feel something is internally wrong, but it doesn't exactly hurt, but you feel really unwell. It will feel eerily quiet, and between the quietness you might hear audio hallucinations, like little whispers or squeaky noises in your ear. It's very strange, cuz you don't hear them, but you can like feel the sounds inside your head, and it registers in your brain the way sound would. DPH is not bad to up the dosage on to help sleep. The normal dosage for allergy is like 25-50mg, but you could up the dose to like 100-125 to knock your ass into sleep for insomnia haha. I suggest against higher than 150mg, that's when you start to see the plateau of effects.
dylan nasby (1 year ago)
Shit finally someone who thinks of drugs like i do. God damn finally
Alex Collins (1 year ago)
I feel like ur brain makes u sleep but ur awake so shit in ur dreams r coming out in real life n shit ya know
The Free World (1 year ago)
Yea it seems like it puts you in dream mode while you're awake it's definitely a weird experience
angela paulsen (1 year ago)
I took this shit In school and omg. I saw spiders the size of people. I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I saw this creepy bitch that looked dead my reflection wasn't even there! I tried grabbing my phone during class and my hand went through the desk! I kept hearing ticking like a clock and a voice kept saying "it's time". Long story short I got expelled for yelling at a teacher because he looked like someone I knew, I started swinging and then I was on the ground. Fuck Benadryl that shits intense
The Free World (1 year ago)
ROFL. That's wild. I can't imagine taking it at school, it sounds like you took a higher dose as me as well. I would probably lose it if I saw spiders the size of humans no lie.
Bros angles (1 year ago)
I knew I was tripping on Benadryl when I saw a tall man in a black rob chocking my brother and when I punched him he turned into water and fish.
The Free World (1 year ago)
damn that sounds wild, maybe you were attacked by Jesus.
KYS KYS (1 year ago)
Ive tripped on benadryl so many times fml
Lexi Spencer (1 year ago)
Your not fucking black
Lexi Spencer (1 year ago)
Do u trip on guys balls
Lexi Spencer (1 year ago)
Why u wearing lipstick
Spencer Hewlett (3 months ago)
Lexi Spencer I have not worn anything but koolaid slapstick in many years?
Zach Blackwell (1 year ago)
one time i took about 50 and saw a piece of printer paper come our my wall then it transformed into a paper airplane and started flying towards me and dissapered. and a toad hopped by me. it was cool but its very uncomfortable i dont reccomend it
giggitygquag (1 year ago)
I've been doing this crap A LOT lately, and if I just lie down in silence and listen, I hear whispering and / or full on conversations of people that aren't even there.
Michael Wilder (7 months ago)
giggitygquag Quit now if still doing it. Please.
All Entranced (1 year ago)
Tripping on it reminds me Scarecrows Gas from Batman Begins
The Free World (1 year ago)
That's probably the best way iv'e ever heard it put lol.
Minchken (1 year ago)
What the fuck are you saying?
The Free World (1 year ago)
Damn right, I make mistakes i'm not denying that, but this video has 133 likes, and 25 dislikes at this moment because the majority of people understand what i'm saying when they watch it. Ask me a legitimate question pertaining to the video or something I say, that's cool and i'll give you a straight up answer, give me actual constructive criticism i'll appreciate it. However come at me sounding like a troll with no respect, i'm just going to fuck around and try to fry you, cause that's what i'm getting from you. One person's version of running words together is another persons version of talking fast apparently.
Minchken (1 year ago)
Dude, no offense, but not understanding someone running their words together doesn't make me deaf, instead of being in denial and blaming others for your own mistakes, you just owe up to it, it's not that hard man, show humility, you make mistakes like everyone else does too.
The Free World (1 year ago)
I'm sorry i don't have captions for the deaf. It's just a trip report with general information, and some opinions on diphenhydramine.
Issac Calliou (1 year ago)
I took 20 pills of benydrl I pretty much blacked out and and woke up in a hospital bed with a iv in my arm and a killer stomach ach DONT DO BENYDRL ITS ADDICTING ASF
The Free World (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear that, iv'e heard of that happening to a few people often accompanying seizures, and I can imagine hallucinating in the hospital to be very unpleasant.
freidrick mace (2 years ago)
Benadryl was the first drug i ever did I'm only taking about 10 pills only really thing that happened was that i got really hungry and tipsy and really tired
Henry Lopez (2 months ago)
If u take a lot at once ur stomach feels weird and u wanna vomit but I can handle and your body feels sooo numb and you get hella tired it’s lit with ppl because it just funny asf
The Free World (2 years ago)
freidrick mace Benadryl definitely has a lot of weird and nasty side effects, I didn't try it for awhile. I tried it cause I was curious what delerium felt like. First drug I ever tried was alcohol.
Blue Moon Noir (2 years ago)
how many do you have to freaking take i took 10 for insomnia and i was just wake still...I never knew this lol
Shane Reagan (2 years ago)
i did this plently of times took 16 pills and a few shots of gin worst trip i had i was playing mortal kombat started crying pitured myself in a bush rocking back and forth before the trip was over i kept seeing a person in a coner talking no one was there
The Free World (2 years ago)
I haven't had the opportunity to try free based DMT I heard it's pretty insane though. I tried some DMT, MAIO tea before and that was pretty mind blowing for sure definitely one of the most mind opening experiences I have had.
Shane Reagan (2 years ago)
yeah lol you tried dmt thats the best shit ive done so far as long as you dont get hooked
The Free World (2 years ago)
Damn that sounds like when I took Datura a long time ago I kept seeing my friends then realizing they weren't there. I never tried DPH with alcohol sounds wild. I can't imagine playing Mortal Kombat on it lol that was probably pretty twisted.
YGM Riley (2 years ago)
LOL thats such an accurate description. its insane, but too fucking wild with the hallucinations. I saw roaches, snakes, gigantic rats, deer, you name it. the bugs were the only scary part because you cant tell if its real or not. wouldn't recommend to anyone looking for a basic high
YGM Riley (2 years ago)
and the hangover lasted 2 fucking days
Matt Ellis (2 years ago)
how many did you take lol
The Free World (2 years ago)
I honestly don't remember, it was below the full blown completely losing touch of reality dose. I think I tried for 600mg which is really high, but I got sick halfway through so only probably half or less was absorbed into my system.
Madi Parkinson (2 years ago)
your channels dope
The Free World (2 years ago)
jose jones (2 years ago)
Man I take 14 almost every night an never ever has anything like that happens. Take 2 Xanax an 12 Benadryl than tell me about that
Rain Love (8 days ago)
Bro I’m on two bars and 800mg of dph
The Free World (2 years ago)
That's crazy maybe your brain has a different chemical make up than most. Also if you slowly went up to 14 it could be due to a tolerance issue. Also I wouldn't recommend taking DPH that often, it is known to cause memory loss and Alzheimers in people who have used too much.
Jut (2 years ago)
I took 57 of them one night and let me tell you.... its the worst ever. I was taking benadryl all the time because I am depressed as hell. But I'm not trying to brag about it Im trying to tell you its not even worth it. Like I tried getting out of bed and I felt like I was 600 lbs like my muscles were so weak to move. I had to piss and I couldn't get out bed to get to the bathroom and I pissed myself. I was hallucinating and shit thinking I saw my ex laying next to me sleeping. I was trying to wake her up and shit and then I snapped out of the hallucination and realized nobody was there. Theres a lot more that happened but long story short, don't fucking do it.
Kelp Shake (1 year ago)
but seriously the worst part about tripping on Benadryl is the small spiders and centipedes crawling all over you and biting you and they never seem to stop, they crawl up your bed they come from under the door, your room is just full of it
Kelp Shake (1 year ago)
Royale With Cheese lmaooo no I was going to beat up the dude but i was talking to a pile of pillows, Benadryl literally makes things that are inanimate look like people and animals for a bit and then you realize “what the fuck”
Royale With Cheese (1 year ago)
LMAO you beat up a pile of pillows
Kelp Shake (1 year ago)
Shit man same thing kind of happened to me, I took a shit load of Benadryl and blacked out for a bit and snapped out of it and I was sitting and watching my girlfriend make out with this other dude and I kept yelling at them like what the fuck is going on and I was smoking cigarettes but it was just phantom smoking because I didn’t even have cigarettes at the time and my girlfriend got up and was like “I’m sorry I have problems” and I was like why the fuck would you do that in my bed and I literally watched her put her shoes on and walk out of the door after I opened it for her, and I went back to beat the shit out of that dude and it turns out it was just a pile of pillows that I was pissed off at
The Free World (2 years ago)
I don't mind if you post a trip report here, i'll read it. Yea it's crazy how gravity feels 10x heavier when you're on it I wonder why it does that. Be careful taking it all the time it is known to cause alzheimers and memory loss in some people.
HTL Beatz (2 years ago)
this shit is on another level. It's fucking terrifying. Last dose I took was 1,000mg. Severe dehydration, I was having a full on conversation with people who were not even there. You see them, look away and poof, vanished. You have no control and don't know what is real and what is fake. I would start saying something to someone, and forget what I saying almost instantly. Youll lose your balance, I would hear people talking outside my door, id go open it and there would be no one in site. Like dude said, I dont recommend doing this shit, especially when you have no idea whats going on. It's some scary shit.
The Free World (2 years ago)
Damn iv'e done my fair share of H that warmness is nice wish they'd just legalize the pods i'd just drink the tea when I have a headache or bad day and that'd be good enough for me, tried crack once, and done some molly, and a long list of various chemicals, and plants, never got stuck on one for more then a few months except pot of course lol. That's how this shit made me feel too just not as intense. With my dosage I felt like I was dipping a finger into this unreal alternate reality. It did change my perception of what was real, and kinda helped me understand what it was like to be crazy. Awesome job on being 2 years sober! I know how hard it is to get off drugs especially if you're surrounded by them. America's job on preventing addiction and rehabilitation is a joke.
HTL Beatz (2 years ago)
I shot heroin, smoked crack and shot molly and coke for 6 years and this shit was on a COMPLETELY different level. I've been clean for 2 years now though.
HTL Beatz (2 years ago)
Yeah, let me tell you my friend, it was a badddddddd time. Pure state of fear and delirium. I'd sit up in my bed and think I was talking to one of my buddies, then they don't say anything for a minute, I'd continue to talk and then look up to look at them and there's no one there lol. It's almost going into another realm dude. The way i'd describe it, it felt like some other unworldly realm crossed over into my reality.
The Free World (2 years ago)
DAMNNN that's a lot of benadryl, was it a good trip? Most people iv'e heard of taking that amount normally wind up having a bad time.
Kenneth Carroll (2 years ago)
My little brother forgot he ate 15 Benadryl, forgot he took it and ended up taking the whole bottle, had a seizure in my arms and was tripping in the icu for two days
The Free World (2 years ago)
Iv'e heard of that happening to other people as well. Did they just give him fluids or anything to counteract the antihistamines?
Mr.Greed (2 years ago)
I did this 6 times when I was 14 and 15 and I'm 15 still and i saw my towel turning green and thought my mom was calling me when I was in the shower and I got out and no one was there my best advice is have someone with u that will take care of u and only take it when u know ur going to be safe and don't feel anxiety I saw little particles on my ceiling and my ceiling was moving slowly and I also saw spiders crawling and saw shadows at night it was around 6 when I popped about 14 and at 9:00 I was awake and couldn't sleep till 2 in the morning no matter how hard I tried and my stomach hurt all day
The Free World (2 years ago)
Yea I got a bit of voices when I did most of mine was moving shadows with a bit a of color, so if the dose would have been a bit higher it probably would have been full blown delirium.
Mr.Greed (2 years ago)
Comfy Pat honestly don't really remember but more then 15
anthony ledford (2 years ago)
you fuckin deuche bag
The Free World (2 years ago)
having fun trolling?
anthony ledford (2 years ago)
your king kook.
Hi Hi (2 years ago)
Tripping balls aint so fun when you die in your 40s
Custom_Diesel_Gas (2 years ago)
True trie
Peter Oliver (2 years ago)
who the fuck wants to be 50 anyway
The Free World (2 years ago)
inteslapar d (2 years ago)
Aye dude we should get in contact sometime and talk more about our trips I have many stories.
The Free World (2 years ago)
+inteslapar d
inteslapar d (2 years ago)
Facebook sounds good :)
The Free World (2 years ago)
Yea that sounds cool, ive been meaning to upload more trip reports, but keep putting it off lol. You got FB or rather DM here?
Brandon Rios (2 years ago)
Tried it the night after work. It is weird. I was bumping into the walls of my house because my mind thought I was still at my job. My mind couldn't understand why there were these invisible walls I kept bumping into when in reality they were actually the walls of my house lol. Trip sitter highly recommended
Henry Lopez (2 months ago)
Brandon Rios dude frs I had to grab onto the walls and shit and then I was tired and kept hallucinating things that have already happed or I would be thinking of something like a fantasy and it’ll be real for a couple of seconds and you’ll snap out of it and be like wtf just happened
The Free World (2 years ago)
Ah that's funny as hell.
Mr.Cuddles:3 (2 years ago)
Guys dont use pills use zzzquil sleep aid its more peaceful
The Free World (2 years ago)
yea might not want too do it lol a lot of people have had a bad time
Zinnshady24 (2 years ago)
ive been debating using it, i have a bottle but these benadryl reports are fucking with my head
Karah Ratley (2 years ago)
when getting high your first time do you take them all at once or take them one by one?
The Free World (2 years ago)
it doesn't really matter taking them one by one may help with nausea but itd delay the onset. Be safe, make sure to dose accordingly, and educate on side effects before taking.
Briana (2 years ago)
can we please be friends.
The Free World (2 years ago)
I try to comment back to everyone on my youtube videos, iv'e been slacking though lol.
IMagz (2 years ago)
I did it last night I tole 18 and I was scared out of my fucking mind
The Free World (2 years ago)
That's good a lot of people actually have a bad trip when taking dph
IMagz (2 years ago)
+OQY-KRVZ MMVIII I have also have took a lot more the 18 many times like 36 but I have been sober for 2 month now from that stuff
IMagz (2 years ago)
+OQY-KRVZ MMVIII I bought the 100pill bottle not the one that carries 36
OQY-KRVZ MMVIII (2 years ago)
I doubt that considering it's a bitch to take them out of packet with out cracking the pill plus you would be dead technically that should kill you but fuck it if you did I give you props G
ALF (2 years ago)
were you on the show My Cat from Hell???? If so that is just wierd.. I watched it tonight & than randomly see you on youtube?
The Free World (2 years ago)
That would be weird cause iv'e never even heard of that show lol
Danny Monster Cruz (2 years ago)
i'm a caregiver for a guy who has serious brain damage from doing this. that's why i'm researching it.
The Free World (2 years ago)
I have a hunch repeated use probably increases the chances of having Alzheimer's please keep me updated with your research.
gman57op (2 years ago)
if i take 4 benadryl i get some pretty bizzarr hallucinations and dissociation its enjoyable would not recommend for regular use
The Free World (2 years ago)
Damn it's crazy you're able to dose so low. Yea regular use has side effects like memory loss and Alzheimers
whatarewedoing (2 years ago)
Right? Our drug laws are so dumb. Legalization, education, regulation. It'll save lives and save money.
Natalie Jones (9 months ago)
The Free World ... what if I'll inject it?
The Free World (2 years ago)
Exactly! the're needs to be way more education on drugs, not just these scare tactics, people need to learn how to handle bad trips, how much will kill an average person, and long term side effects.
エミ (2 years ago)
10/10 would not fucking recommend but if you're gonna be stupid anyways do yourself a favor and play your fave music. It will sound enhanced and like your first time listening to it again. And it saves the trip if you regret taking it (which you probably will).
The Free World (2 years ago)
+トルーマンエミ Yea it's something I would never really recommend. Definitely good advice to have good relaxing music on hand especially if someone starts to have a bad time.
Ceqic (3 years ago)
Today I took 350mg and the only thing that happened was just minor waves in vision(basically nothing) and very short termed memory. Planning on taking 450 next time
john johnson (10 months ago)
And u should do 500mg take 20
john johnson (10 months ago)
What happened when you to 1500mg.
Robert Zubkowski (2 years ago)
Have fun bro i took 1500mg and its bad bro don't ever take more them 850mg
The Free World (2 years ago)
+Ceqic Just be safe. It eventually gets to the point where you're seeing things and people that aren't there. You'll often even forget that you're high.
Lucas Chauvet (3 years ago)
I tried it and I felt like shit, me and my friends did and I didn't remember any of them, we were riding are bikes and I thought they were chasing me and got lost. We ended up getting chased by trucks, you basically feel like you are going to die every second, so if you get paranoid don't do it. Lots of scary shit, we all got sick and and threw up, ended up passing out, you will have like a 3 second memory, seeing people and mumbling words to yourself. Do not try talking to people, you won't make any sense, no looking at reflections. Lastly do it with people, you won't want to do it alone, trust me.
The Free World (2 years ago)
Yea a lot of people have a bad trip, doing it in public was probably also a bad idea. The stuff has a decent amount of long term side effects if used regularly too.
David Sisson (3 years ago)
The Free World (2 years ago)
definitely one of the wierdest experiences iv'e ever had
Megan Darlene (3 years ago)
i'm 21 and I have been doing this  since I was 14 so I know what kind of atmosphere to be in for best results. it is best to do it at night because you need to be alone for multiple reasons. I'm not sure if I just think that everyone knows I am tripping or if they actually do know but you wont even be able to look people in the eyes. when I first started doing it I would do it at school but it was painfully obvious that I was fucked up. I personally like the trip but most people cant handle it. one time I had a conversation with my brother and then I realized that I was actually just talking to the mirror for  like 10 mins. you will see crazy shit because you are so sleep deprived that your brain is going to sleep while you are physically awake so you are having dreams not necessarily hallucinations. I could write a short story on this but I am just going to stop here.
kung Few (5 months ago)
+The Free World Dude, I am 40 years old and have only tried shrooms once! I'm in IL and please let me know if you can send
Trever M (5 months ago)
So Free World you are saying in this video that the bad part was the seeing stuff that wasn't there? Man I'd take that any day compared to my experience. I don't take Benadryl but I took Top Care sleep aids with Diphenhydramine ingredient. I took like 300 mg of the stuff and I did get the visual effects a little but not much. Those I can handle... the horrible effects that I also got were my body would jolt really hard every few minutes and everytime I thought it's going to give me a seizure or something and it sucked. Then there's the extreme discomfort feeling I get where I can't sit still I keep getting up and moving around trying to find some sort of comfort which I can't find maybe only sitting in the tub in the shower is the best I can do. I've also had times where I have been extremely hunger from it where I feel like I haven't eaten for weeks. Then you have the extreme bluriness of the eyes. For me Diphenhydramine is 95% evil. I don't suggest anyone take it they may experience those scary jolts and stuff that really scares you. People take DXM instead the cough medicine. Make sure it's only DXM as the ingredient although I find Gulfanesin is okay to have with it since most have something with it. DXM experiences are about 90% positive while DPH is 95% negative.
Zack Shellhammer (7 months ago)
How many Benadryl pills should you take? I've never tried this before and I don't have access to LSD atm.
Impius Sacerdos (9 months ago)
The nausia does NOT last the whole trip. Also smoking weed helps with the nausia alot.
ALafool C.O.S (1 year ago)
Try to stay away from meth that is bad
Hella Jake (3 years ago)
In my experience I've left my the house and then realized that I was laying on my floor or sitting in a chair the whole time. Freaky.
Jake Smith (3 years ago)
ok 1st of I taken 8 pills at a time 25mg each and it's nothing like what he says.... he makes it seem horrible. if you take over 300 MG it can be a little to much tho. 8 pills make you feel good.
sarah (3 years ago)
Ur cute :')
The Free World (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Jimmy P (3 years ago)
I had IV benadryl during chemotherapy treatments and would get extremely high of the injections. While it was fun for maybe 5-10 minutes it would then make you extremely drowsy and you would pass out. It kind of ruins the rest of the day if you have plans to go anywhere or at least have plans to be awake or alert!!! Be cafeful with this stuff!!!
The Free World (2 years ago)
+J Puyallup That's interesting, didn't know that they used it for chemo. I get the same way when I take it my brain feels foggy afterwards and i'm really tired, makes me pretty useless. I only take like one every now and then if I need help sleeping real fast.
Greg zy (3 years ago)
Why do u people take that shit, u Americans are total nuts with ure Ritalin and Benadryl shit. Weird
The Free World (2 years ago)
+Greg Bremner Well people do drugs all around the world. And I can't speak for everyone but some people just have addictions, others are just curious, and some want to just experience a change in perception. I don't recommend people doing it, but different people have different vices.
Maggie Mc (3 years ago)
by advice to come down from diphenhydramine: drinks tons of water eat raw fruit or high water content vegetables and do light cardio to speed up the process of flushing it out of your system. ill nvr do it again but i stiill love reading DPH trip reports
The Free World (2 years ago)
+Maggie Mc I don't like the feeling of taking it normally, but i've never had a bad trip on it either. Can imagine it being hell if I was stuck in a bad trip for a few hours on it.
Be Yourself (3 years ago)
I took 600mgs. my short term memory lasted so short I would start a sentence and forget what I was thinking about halfway through. no hallucinations, but I would have conversations with myself although my date was sitting right in front of me. underestimated it and drove, BAD IDEA. thought stoplights were stop signs, saw shadows jumping out from the shoulder, etc. would do it again in a more controlled environment.
The Free World (2 years ago)
I think that is what makes you trip it makes your short term memory so short that it's almost like a dream state. I might try it again way into the future, but for now i'm done with it.
Bruh Bruh (3 years ago)
This nigga smart as fuck Benadryl is the fucking worst though
The Free World (2 years ago)
Thanks! Yea that shit can turn on you real quick shit can get real asf in 2 seconds flat.
Spectrum Vlogs (3 years ago)
The Free World (2 years ago)
yea the hangover from bendryl is butt it's hard to see what's going on, and you feel slow
hfshfois (3 years ago)
Trip on balls
The Free World (2 years ago)
that would have been a funny intro if I would have tripped on balls first.
EyezTooLow (3 years ago)
I took two boxes one time. 42 pills. Worst trip ever! I was scared having crazy visual and hearing hallucinations. The trip lasted 9 hrs untill I fell asleep. Don't do it people. If you must, don't do more than 24 pills. I over did it.
Brooke O'Neill (1 year ago)
i've done 33 pills & it's kinda fun, i have a high tolerance to dph so tht might be why
The Free World (2 years ago)
Yea I swear iv'e read 1000 trip reports, the best ones are the ones with chemicals like these too. The stomach nausea is so weird on this too, I think the mixture of gravity feeling 10x heavier makes it completely different. If you write one you should definitely post it here. Luckily I was able to sleep even though iv'e had several occasions on other things where I sat up paranoid.
EyezTooLow (2 years ago)
The Free World fortunately I only puked twice. and yes it was horrifying. couldn't sleep that night cause I kept hearing someone knock on my bedroom door every 5 mins. and no actually I didn't but I probably should. would make for an interesting read
The Free World (2 years ago)
Damn that's crazy I can't imagine doing two boxes just because i'm honestly a little scared to do it and can't imagine getting through it without puking my guts out. Did you put out a trip report anywhere?
Maggie Mc (3 years ago)
+creeper268 oh your poor soul....that sounds terrible
French J (3 years ago)
Damn how much did u take
The Free World (2 years ago)
I don't honestly remember I think probably 400 mg or maybe a little more this was a long while ago.
Eileen Torres (3 years ago)
You are a complete liar!!!! That doesn't do anything like that! ! Stop blowing shit up people's asses!
The Free World (2 years ago)
Trust me not lying.
Ryan H (2 years ago)
The thousands of people who use dph are all liars....?
chevelledc (3 years ago)
"You gotta know who you are, internally and shit like that... " best advice ever. Subscribed.
The Free World (2 years ago)
thanks for the subscribe, iv'e put out a lot of videos since this one iv'e hoped you enjoyed them! thanks for your comment!
Randy Gorny (3 years ago)
Your all liars. Don't do it
The Free World (2 years ago)
definitely not lying, not suggesting people do it, but i'm not lying.
Isaac Trent (3 years ago)
dude I've taken 20 at one time and dude I was fucked up. I used to take 40 to 50 a day it's fucked
The Free World (2 years ago)
Damn that's a lot of benadryl I think that was the only time I did it. I tried datura in really low doses a few times though. Be careful though it can cause memory loss and alzheimers later in life with too much use
Anna Anarchy (3 years ago)
I took 15 of them, I have taken more before but I tripped most when I took 15. my body got really heavy and I got tired but if I get past the tired then I trip. I saw a leprachaun doing the g angnam style dance on my curtain. And I saw my friend doing some exercist shit on the side of the wall in my room
The Free World (2 years ago)
Lol that's funny asf. Were you enjoying it? Yea when I take it I feel like i'm in 10x gravity or something
BMS (3 years ago)
he finee <3.<3
jay yo (3 years ago)
I did 300 mg all swallowed at once, I have had about 15 trips on benadryl but this one was my craziest which was really weird because ive done 500 mg but not all at once. Anyways, I took it & stared at the walls as usual & saw this mist coming off my walls & these transparent lines that were jittering everywhere & they looked sort of like white lightning but this was with my lights on & my closet light was turned off. I felt that usual dph (benadryl) paranoia & things got EXTREMELY weird here. I was seeing I dont wanna call them spiders but they were dots with little legs not like spider legs they had like 100 legs on one body but it just looked like trippy dots & not spiders but that kinda freaked me out & unnerved me & I looked into my closet (dph's visuals are better in the dark & my closet light was turned off) & I saw this old man's head & he was looking at me, at the time I could tell it wasnt real so I kinda chuckled but it just kept staring at me with this disturbing look on its face so then I turned & said "fuck that shit not looking over there" & as I turned dude they were like 10 transparent people in my room dancing (I had music on) & I was like "why are you guys in my room?" & they all stopped & looked at me then laughed & it was really weird. after that I decided ehh lets focus on this awesome ass music so I put Stereolabs - Dots & Colors (I think thats what its called) & It put me in a better mood & I noticed hey woah music sounds INTENSE like its similar to when I did xtc. So there were these cool visuals that would go with the beat & I could control them. There was a blanket with a ball floating above it & it flew across my wall & came flying right into my face & I just laughed like "that was funny" so then I was hearing things like static & the "woosh woosh" noise I cant explain it & there were also these crackling noises & I could hear conversations I had with my friends at school that day & I was like staring off into space going into my own little world then I hear one of my friends say something to me as im spaced out & then they yell my name into my ear trying to get my attention it wasnt extremely loud due to the fact I was sitting next to my speakers lol but I was like "woah wtf" & let me tell you about this intense music euphoria, I was literally almost crying music sounded so beautiful. its weird how such a dark drug can give off such wonderful music vibes?
The Free World (2 years ago)
Iv'e never reached the point on DPH where I saw people, but that story sounds intense. N I had a good time when I did it besides the incredible discomfort in my body, i'm afraid of going into delirium especially if I'm around people. I wouldn't want to freak out and hurt someone.
The Free World (2 years ago)
for dose amounts you also have to consider body weight.
Poodleinacan (3 years ago)
+jay yo  If you say so.
jay yo (3 years ago)
+Poodleinacan floaters lol
jay yo (3 years ago)
+Poodleinacan no its not. i know what your talking about though. these lines were liquid looking
kaci frizzell (3 years ago)
Took 30 of them at 20mg, LITERALLY HELL! Never again.
The Free World (2 years ago)
I think that is about what I took, if I remember right I got sick, but this was years ago.
Grim Crowley (3 years ago)
How many did u take
The Free World (2 years ago)
I think 400-600 mg not sure.
Karmacomatic (3 years ago)
I've tripped ten plus times on dph. I love it. Lol
The Free World (2 years ago)
I did DPH and tried Datura a little, but i'm always afraid i'll do something stupid on it, and I know it can cause Alzheimer which kinda throws me off it.
Keon Leiba (3 years ago)
The Free World (2 years ago)
25Vincent (3 years ago)
I made the stupid decision of doing this very often when I was younger and now my brain is fried. I regret it a whole lot. This is a horrible drug and can cause bad damage very easily.
Thugger21 (2 years ago)
25Vincent it's alright around 100-150 helps me relax and sleep but I took a high dose once and I saw bugs everywhere spent the whole trip killing imaginary bugs my dad knew I was fucked up and was like there are no bugs here and I was just swinging away with a tv remote like you don't see them their all over the bed on the desk crawling all throughout my legs my legs also turned to a purplish blue color also and that was just icing on the cake to the insanity i was already dealing with yeah keep this shit at the low doses for sleep purposes only that's why they call it sleep aid not the Jeffry dahmer real life experience
The Free World (2 years ago)
+25Vincent that's why I don't recommend it to anyone. What type of effects are you experiencing after the damage?
Person Persona (3 years ago)
I took 6 pills on my first time, without knowing anything at all about it. I think I was WAY more wrecked than I thought I was. I wasn't making any words when I tried to talk, it felt like I was walking on trampolines. The walls were waving like flags, an my friend was tripping on CCC at the same time. We both stared at a model rocket in science for five+ minutes straight without blinking, thinking it was vibrating and about to take off. It was SOOOO trippy. I hallucinated people watching me sleep on and off. It was a mega weird, and cool experience, though.
Jomzii (6 months ago)
? You don’t trip on just 150mg
The Free World (2 years ago)
It would have been crazy if it took off lol, the anticipation must've been intense!
NoBueno15 (3 years ago)
What would 100mg do? Or 150?
The Free World (2 years ago)
yea doing it recreationally all the time can have serious side effects!
William smiley (3 years ago)
+ʝoɳpaul. How was it?
myles nwafor (3 years ago)
I took 100mg and all it did was make me all lovey on my dog and fall asleep asap it was great😂😂
The Free World (3 years ago)
+NoBueno15 Moving shadows, dry mouth, upset stomach, forgetfulness, tiredness, feeling of increased gravity, and hallucinations that may be minor to full blown. Dosage information is based also on weight, gender, age, psychiatric condition, etc.. It can be dangerous to be taken with other drugs or medicines and i'm NOT suggesting it's use but if choose to before attempting to I HIGHLY suggest reading about the dosages and reading some trip reports on diphenhydramine at
dominik valenzuela (3 years ago)
anyone want advice or questions on it um find me on face book.   Dominik Valenzuela   but uh not tonight cuz I took 700mg about 15 min ago and ill be fucked up in a lil
The Free World (2 years ago)
How'd your trip go?
Kayla Nicole (3 years ago)
i actually overdosed on benadryl at school and had to go to the ER and i was going in and out of consciousness. i couldn't breathe and my heartrate was 180...
The Free World (2 years ago)
Damn did you have a whole bunch of hallucinations while you were hospitalized?
Will Johnson (4 years ago)
How much Did you take
The Free World (3 years ago)
+Will Johnson I can't remember, I think around 600mg, but if I remember right it made me nauseous so I know not all of it got into my system. I know I did it years ago and haven't tried again since that time nor do I plan too repeat that experiment at this moment. Many parts of its use are completely disorienting and it's body load made me feel extremely uncomfortable.
Mike0yung (4 years ago)
Good video man.I made a video on this but don't think cover as much as you did.
The Free World (3 years ago)
+Mike07young Thanks! I'm going to try and upload some more trip reports from my past here soon.
It's a terrible time.  It's not fun at all. I will never do it again!
The Free World (3 years ago)
+I banish the fake. Yea it's not a very traditional recreational drug. The body load is too intense and causes entirely too much nausea and confusion to be enjoyable to many. That's probably why it's still available OTC in the U.S. I also find that the peripheral effects linger. This is definitely one of things you need to be prepared for if one was to decide to take dosages such as this, which i'm not suggesting that anyone try.
I took 500mg by the way.  I kept seeing shit out of the corner of eye and then it would go away when I looked at it.  I tried reading my friends textbooks it was like I was fucking dyslexic.  I smoked weed with it which might have made a difference..but probably not.  I also tried lifting a blanket and I could not do it...the blanket was fucking heavy. Then I kept seeing the outline of a person walking around and I kept hearing a non-human voice.  It was fucked up.  All in all it was really shitty night.
EddieThaKid97 (4 years ago)
Crazy shit isnt it broski
The Free World (3 years ago)
+dont fuck with me For sure!

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