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Finasteride Propecia Proscar results

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Описание: how to grow back your hair. Direct comparison from the early days of my hair regrowth journey using finasteride/Propecia. please like and subscribe to see future results. may the hair be with you .
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SmackdownCH (3 months ago)
update please
My Hair Regrowth Journey (3 months ago)
I stopped taking the Finasteride not due to lack of results or side effects but taking a pill daily did not match my life style...after a year im back where i started. Good luck
Raymond Mirandilla (1 year ago)
Update pls
Raymond Mirandilla hey mate been busy with life and not taking the finasteride daily... prib been a week or two. The resul5s in the video are real and if you worried about hair fall i strongly recommend. Sorry if ive let you down

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