Requip Withdrawal Log FINALLY DAY 24 and 25...and beyond..... A HAPPY ENDING !!Muerte de ramon gay

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Requip Withdrawal Log FINALLY DAY 24 and 25...and beyond..... A HAPPY ENDING !!

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william thrift (2 месяца назад)
I dont get it. She wants to come off drugs and she didnt want to take more because it made her a zombie, however, she is willing to take methadone/opiates. Yeah i dont think its smart to start opiates for RLS. Shes going to learn the hard way that shes gonna take a drug thats been horrible for the U.S. for a problem thats not life threatening. And i do have RLS, and maybe my problem isnt as bad as hers. Requip with gabapentin together never made me a zombie.and has worked on me.
Marlin Knight (5 месяцев назад)
Hi, Kay. Remember me? I'm doing terrible. Was wondering how you're doing these days. Somehow I lost your email address. Hope you see this comment and let me know how things are going since the opioid crisis fiasco.

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