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Описание: Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Requip · Michael Showalter Sandwiches & Cats ℗ 2007 JDub Records Released on: 2007-11-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.
Category: Музыка
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slash vs world (1 year ago)
Just to educate you not to shame you, I'd like to mention the reason they give them requip for Parkinson as well is because your nerves are working the same with RLS. Make a joke about a Micheal Fox having Jiggly legs and get a laugh. You actually might.
slash vs world (1 year ago)
I thought restless legs was hilarious too. Until I fucking got it. I get it. You're a comedian. Believe it or not I get that too. But it blows not being able to sit still for over 5 seconds. On top of being bipolar I might as well kill myself. Make fun of the drugs not the people in your audience too ashamed to say something. 😇

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